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California Psychics is a website where people can find the answer to all their problems, that's what they say. It appealed to me as I love my Tarot Cards read, over the years I have been to many readers, some excellent and some charlatans.

This site seems good because you pick your own psychic and as there are 149 psychics on their books there is bound to be one to suit everyone.

The benefits of this site are

  • You can receive advice in the comfort of your own home instead of going to a shop where only a thin curtain is between you and other people
  • You can have everything from Tarot to Runes to an assortment of other methods - you name it, they've got it.
  • The psychics are hand-picked by the company
  • They are available 24/7 as it is often in the middle of the night you need comfort
California Psychics: What makes it different?

The advantages of California Psychics are

  • They tell you all about the psychics you are dealing with, their background not just the services they offer so you know they are genuine psychics
  • They offer a genuine service to people who like to consult psychics
  • They are available 24 hour a day which is important
  • They make it very easy to find someone to talk to from the privacy of your own home
Best Available California Psychics Coupon:
California Psychics vs. primary competitors (sites similar to California Psychics)

Because I live in the UK  I don't know the most familiar competitors but there was nothing to say the review had to be done by a resident from the USA only.

I have picked two which I hope are in the right category. The first is Psychics Authentic USA This promised professional psychics available 24 hours a day with free 5 minute gimicks, so it was a bit unfortunate the banner advertisements on either side of their site were for a free 3 minute psychic reading now, or click on here for your free tarot reading.

They may not have had any control of that, but they also said there is no crystal pendant or calling cards for contacting us, and on their site is a section marked cards which invited those who clicked in to get "your free psychic cards now."  I got the impression this site is more about making money than caring for their customers as it featured all the credit cards they could pay with, but no details of who the psychics were, no biographies or photos. This is not a rival to Calufornia Psychics.

The other site I looked at was the Universal Psychic Guild which offered psychic readings, tarot readings, clairvoyants, numerology and past lives. It looked like a good site with a lot of information but when I clicked on Find a Psychic there were only two, Lily and Alex, with no photos available and no biographies, only what services they were offering.

If I was a prospective client I would like to have known who the psychics were, what they looked like and what their background was, which is why California Psychics is far superior to these two sites,

California Psychics: Product images & screenshots
California Psychics Coupons
California Psychics: Detailed review

California Psychics answers questions like this every day

"Why Do I feel Like This?  "Should I change careers?" "Is This True Love?"  That is what they say.

A lot of people are sceptical about psychics but I believe there are people out there who really are psychic - there are also a lot of charletons. That is why I thnk this site is so good.  They say they hand pick their psychics for their accuracy, ability and a real desire to help people. They have 149 on their books and you can read the biography of them all.  Some come for a long line of psychics as it does run in families.

I have had my Tarot cards read several times and usually forget about what they say. But years ago I went to a woman in a tent at a Medieval Fair - she told me I was a writer, she couldn't possibly have known, she also also said I was going to find success later in life. I thought no more about it until suddenly I am making money and doing well.  There is no time-scale on these predictions but people expect them to come true straight away.  This company charges $1 a minute for new customers, which is very reasonable and they offer a free consultation if you are not entirely satisfied.

More importantly there is someone available online 24 hours a day. I like this as I know from experience when you need someone to talk to it is usually in the middle of the night - and I am not into the Samaritans. That is when I rang several psychic lines in the UK when I was going through a bad patch/

The most important things about this site are

  • It is offering a service as there is a genuine need for having a stranger to ask advice from
  • They are genuine psychics, you only have to read the comments
  • The company offers a money-back guarantee, not many psychic lines do that
  • They are available 24 hours a day

There are so many testimonials from satisfied customers I have picked four which match the photos below

TEVA. A Scottish lady who comes from a long line of psychics.

This lady with her musical sounding voice is right on target. She is very easy and simple in her advice but dead-on. She does not interject herself into your situation, she just says it and it flows like a banjo. She is very accurate with the heart of the situation. Tiva is the Diva, choose her!


Skyler is one of the best you have provided me with, she has real insights and had so much information it was just amazing. I actually ended up coming back two times after that original session because I didn't want to miss anything.


Lalita was so much fun to read with. She has a warm and quirky personality that not only makes you want to read with her, it makes you want to go to a bar and toss back a few with her as well. Lalita's reading was high energy, fun, accurate, honest and to the point. I loved her and would read with her over and over again.


Eve is so wonderful and knowledgeable. She has the answers immediately and is so insightful and spot on. She's also gentle and understanding and always looking to the next bright event just around the corner. I will definitely be talking to her again and again.

Best Available California Psychics Coupon:
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