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The website Gabriella offers psychic and spiritual guidance by Gabriella who claims to be clairvoyant and a master of various divinatory arts. Proof of the authenticity of Gabriella's gifts is given in the form of numerous testimonials by satisfied customers who have been helped by Gabriella's spiritual guidance. On Gabriella you can:

  • Get an initial reading completely free with no obligation.
  • Learn more about Gabriella, her background, past successes and reputation.
  • Take your relationship with Gabriella further and purchase a more in-depth analysis of your future and receive guidance as to the right path to follow. 
Gabriella Psychic: What makes it different?

There is no doubt that in her field Gabriella is respected and has a successful track record, the benefits in using Gabriella's services depends very much on who you are, your spiritual beliefs and what you are looking for.

  • By providing an initial free reading, with no strings attached you can assess Gabriella before committing to any kind of payment and decide whether she is the right spiritual medium for you.
  • Using Gabriella you know that in the field of spiritual guidance she has testimonials to back up her claim to mystical gifts.
  • Gabriella uses several methods of spiritual divination including Tarot cards, visions, astronomy and Indian celestial magic so that you are not relying on one form of spiritual healing.
  • People in need of a sympathetic friend or emotional support will find Gabriella's personal appeal to the emotions comforting.
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Gabriella Psychic vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Gabriella Psychic)

Of course Gabriella is not the only mystic offering online spiritual guidance, other reputable sites include where the commercial side of the business is apparent from the home page and Psychic Zelda where the fact that mystic readings online are for entertainment purposes only is stated in a disclaimer on the home page. Other online psychic sites give you an option of the services of several psychics.

On Gabriella the commercial aspect of the site is left unmentioned until after you have sampled her readings in the free reading. Also Gabriella' personality is one of the selling points, the fact that you are in effect dealing directly with her.

Take into account that unlike other psychic online services you cannot ask specific questions of Gabriella or enter into a conversation with her.

Gabriella Psychic: Product images & screenshots
Gabriella Psychic Coupons
Gabriella Psychic: Customer reviews & comments

If you intend using Gabriella or any other online spiritual services you need to go into it with your eyes open knowing that there is a limit to the personal connection one can develop with an unknown psychic. The ideal customer for Gabriella from the website's point of view would be someone in emotional need or turmoil.

As a customer you would benefit more from Gabriella's services if you can filter out the attempts to appeal to your emotions and take the psychic reading for what it is - a reading based on the information you have provided and general truths. Customers who are emotionally stable would best benefit from this service, as those in spiritual pain could easily be manipulated into spending a lot of money on the site and would be better off seeking one-on-one professional counseling - not online.    

That said the site does list satisfied customers, and I believe their testimonials to be true, however it doesn't necessarily follow that anyone consulting Gabriella will end up winning the lottery or finding their true love. In effect the satisfied customers are testifying to having followed Gabriella's advice and turning their lives around to make them happier and more successful. This doesn't mean that consulting Gabriella caused the good things that happened in these people's lives for example:

Mary Warren says: Gabriella, thank you so much for my Free Reading! Two months after I got your predictions, I met the love of my life. It's been truly incredible.

Rachel Torres says: Jeff came back and our family is finally back to normal again. Thanks to our Medium Gabriella.

If you truly believe that there are some people who can see into the future than you will find Gabriella succeeds in gaining your confidence and guiding you into the future she predicts for you-but then again maybe she won't - it is field fraught with anomalies.

Gabriella Psychic: Detailed review

Gabriella appeals to the emotional need for a confidant and friend by using known psychological tricks to gain your confidence, for example by continuously repeating your first name in the free reading you receive by email.

Once you send off for your free reading you will receive the emailed reading within an hour. The reading is written in a personal tone and includes statements like "as I write these words...The proof of this is that I’ve just now had a vision" which obviously cannot be true as she would be having visions "now" for each customer simultaneously. The readings are more likely auto-responses based on the information you provide.

Just for fun open the link to your free reading several times and you will see that a different city in your country is mentioned in your reading each time you open the link, as your email address has given the site a clue as to your whereabouts!

Once you have opened the link to your free reading you will receive another email from Gabriella which says" I know that you were reading my email...I was focusing on your thoughts..." Well it is more likely a computer program focusing on which emails are opened at your IP address than a psychic.

To get the free reading you are required to send your first name, email address, date of birth and sex. Using these criteria an outline of a person's life or circumstance can be attained and if astral charts are used with your birth date (horoscope) even a sense of your personality can be established. So to some extent your reading will approximate your life.

Once you have received and read your free reading you can then go a step further and purchase a fuller reading for $49.00, this of course will be the beginning of a series of possible psychic purchases if you wish to get more insight into your future. 

Several important points need to be taken into consideration when using Gabriella

  • The site clearly informs you that:

            "The Website Publisher may retain Customers'... Personal data which the Customer...has provided...By registering on the Website www.gabriella, the User agrees to receive offers from our Partners unless the User specifically requests not to be contacted by our Partners..."

So be sure to tick the small box when you send off for your free reading to prevent your private details being shared with the sites unnamed partners. Also at the bottom of the email you receive there is an option to not receive further emails from them. If you do not discontinue the emails will keep coming as reported by some disgruntled customers accusing Gabriella Psychic of spamming:

The Pissed Off Consumer: is a fake scam robot virus. Spammy emails and fake copy and paste email readings that hurt vulnerable people.

•           In the Terms of Use Gabriella Psychic clearly states:

"All readings are for entertainment purposes only and no guarantee can be given as to accuracy."

If when using Gabriella Psychic you remain clearly aware of the above statement then you can enjoy the entertainment value of the site and not become emotionally involved in the psychic predictions.

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Comments (10)

Good work Petal, congrats.

Ranked #56 in

Very interesting. I do agree, any psychic, clairvoyant, medium etc. should NEVER ask for birth data, as this gives too much access to generalized astrological information based on a persons birth chart. I also feel that the rehashed and recycled "friendly" speech within the email correspondence only hurts any form of authenticity she may actually have. But for me, as a medium myself, I wouldn't invest my time or energy into her services just because she asks for information up front. Anyone who is authentic and genuine, requires NO information up front other than a first name or a photograph. Some readers I know need a photo or a first name to pinpoint the direction of their energies. Also, the disclaimer is for lawsuit purposes but should never be used, even in our industry. It immediately detracts from the importance of the service as well as gives the undertones of disingenuous information that isn't really meant for that particular individual. Many services require this form of disclaimer to protect the reader. I remember at one point I put on the front of my website, "Unlike other sites, I will not tell you my services are for entertainment purposes only as a disclaimer because my service is not for entertainment......." There was more but I won't spam your comment section. Great work on your review :=)


Gabriella is a complete scam. They send the same word-for-word emails to all. There is no value in spamming people and asking for their money. There is no fun value in it. It actually traumatises people more, when they are looking for real psychic help. This is why it will shut down now. On a lighter note I went to a real psychic at and they gave me an accurate reading over Skype. They have become my personal psychic now. Take care.


Gabriella is a complete scam. They send the same word-for-word emails to all. There is no value in spamming people and asking for their money. There is no fun value in it. It actually traumatises people more, when they are looking for real psychic help. This is why it will shut down now. On a lighter note I went to a real psychic at and they gave me an accurate reading over Skype. They have become my personal psychic now. Take care.

emmanuel albert

i cannot send e mail to you

Ranked #50 in

Emmanual feel free to leave any communications here in the article comment section.

PaulaHoule ;email-cannot click on link.

emmanuel albert

i need someone to pass message. i cannot e mail gabriella. she is waiting for

my answer need help

Ranked #50 in

I have informed Factoidz of the broken link and will try to get it fixed.

I found a real psychic and healer at

They gave me all the psychic help I was looking for and you should try them instead. Thanks

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