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Live Person connects people all over the world with the expertise they need in a moments time. They have taken the original idea of what the world wide web was originally meant to be, reeled in their resources, and captured a new means of isolating the most viable sources on the Internet. What this has meant to both consumers and businesses is greater levels of personal development, highers sales and more gratified individuals that are able to streamline their life's mission.

Any apprehensions about wasting time, energy or placing yourself in potentially uncomfortable situations are things of the past. While there are some individuals who try very hard to dismiss the emotions they feel when making a decision; its simply not that way human nature works. Live Person understands that the energy one feels when they are making both personal and or professional decisions has everything to do with how the interaction moves them.Their Live Chat capabilities enhance the possibilities of creating successful outcomes by permitting both parties to make an appropriate choice from the comfort of their respective environments.

Live Person was established in 2005 and has successfully helped millions of individuals and professionals prosper. Whether their growth was personal or professional, the progress is simply undeniable for those who have later returned to apply for a position with Live Person, showcase their expertise and bring additional value to the already rich services it provides. Live Person has done this so well, like minded individuals are enjoying the flexibility of being able to Live Chat with experts in the following areas:

Live Person: What makes it different?

The third party verified shield is proudly displayed on the Live Person site along with other promises made to ensure the quality of their services. Because they are a network offering support that deals with highly sensitive matters, they want consumers to feel confident in their approach, and their ability to accomplish whatever they've set their sights on. Each professional is thoroughly screened for both the legitimacy of their credentials and professional practices.

On the Live Person site, consumers are faced with a library of photographs and biographies to help them reach the right expert for their need. Services offered are diversified and very extensive which really makes it easy to understand how they've come to serve so many, so successfully. It's an all inclusive forum that addressees a variety of issues like spirituality, religion, finances, legal matters and so much more.

The beauty of how Live Person orchestrated such services suggests they are invested in serving the whole person, every facet of an individuals journey in life, and understand how immeasurable it is for their audience to enlist the support of a real person. There are some where in the neighborhood of 8500 businesses that have aligned and depend on the integrity and functionality of this establishment to date.

Here are some of the companies who depend on the technology and integrity of Live Person services:

Clients and professionals have several options for communication with Live Person:

Live Person vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Live Person)

Live Person has very strong and not so strong competitors as they are not the only ones who looked at the flailing internet and realized there could be substantial opportunities for streamlining it. In order to accomplish this each company we will be discussing had to purchase online real estate, software programs, employ engineers that could produce the most attractive offers; and leading with their capacity to tap into the edge advanced technologies provides. Live Person distinguishes itself with pretty impressive claims:

  • Increase online sales by 20%
  • Raise average order value by 35%
  • Prevent shopping cart abandonment
  • Reduce cost per acquisition
  • Up-sell and cross-sell
  • Promote customer loyalty and repeat sales
  • Assess and tune website processes and promotions
  • And more...


  • Cross Multiple Queue/Department and Multiple Domain Transfer
  • Client does not require installation of Java
  • Customizable Operator with All Window Panes Dockable & Sizable
  • Lingering (archived) Chats
  • Real-time Geo-Tracking
  • Automatically Save Chat Transcripts
  • Native .NET 3.5 support
  • And more...

Right Now Technologies

  • Enterprise Analytics
  • Web Self Service
  • Dynamic Agent Desktop
  • Cloud Monitor
  • CX for FaceBook
  • Marketing
  • Accessibility Blog
  • And more

Live Person currently facilitates 13 million live chats and an observed 1.1 billion site visits per month. This is truly a testament to the uniqueness and quality of services that its competitors are currently not providing. The importance of having uncompromising communication channels is just as imperative as understanding the needs of those who will be utilizing the service. Live Person has identified great technology and services for deserving people in the US and as far as the UK and Canada.

Live Person: Pricing & packages

Live Person, SightMax and Right Now are at the helm of doing what ever it takes to bring Internet surfers and their respective experts together. Their strategies and audiences vary but the commitment to employing the best resources available to them is where they are stand in agreement. Here' a peak at their price point strategies they offer to solidify the success of their ventures.

There are two sides to their fees. One for consumers searching for professional products and services; and the professionals who align with them to enhance their internal operations. It is customary for businesses to be charged set up fees and monthly service charges. But SightMax has set a new and attractive precedent by charging a flat fee of $299.00 per server with live chat and a 15 day free trial period. Each additional server is only $99.99.

SightMax and Right Now Technologies do not offer a forum where web surfers can access an expert for counseling services, legal or any of the itemization's outlined with Live Person. They have aimed their sites on providing the technology businesses need to reach their preferred niche. This does not seem to be hindering their professional growth, but rather distinguishes them as a driving force within the communications alliance industry alone.

Once you have stabilized your agreement with Right Now Technologies or SightMax, it is up to you to identify how to access other resources within their establishments ( i.e. marketing, etc.) to produce the desired outcome. Right Now Technologies gives a brief overview of what services are available but clearly state the pricing will be customized to meet the needs of each company. they also claim that the lowest possible rates will be extended to support budgetary parameters.

Live Person has a fee in the neighborhood of about $495.00 for businesses and there may also be a monthly fee for services. That fee is dependent upon the package deal the professional and Live Person Representative agree upon to produce the most cost effective approach for marketing, Chat and other applications that are suited to the venture. Live Person is offering the most bang for the buck when it comes to customers retention and technologies that support the consumer demand.

Live Person: Product images & screenshots
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Live Person: Customer reviews & comments

Consumer ratings are varied and greatly depends on the professional the consumer was able to match up with. One should keep in mind how very important chemistry is when choosing a professional for their specified interest. Here are some of what consumers had to say about their experiences with Live Person:

" I'm the kind of person that feels more comfortable asking questions over the web than I do in person, so I appreciate that LivePerson gives me the option to ask for and receive expert help anonymously." Read more...

" So far Ms Marks predictions has come true and I really hope the rest come to past. She has helped me alot and is very, very, accurate. Thank you so much for your help, I truly appreciate it. Ms. Marks predictions are real and they truly happen within the given time frame " Read more...

"OMG Saniya is worth every penny. Answered my question of speculations of my love. thanks I can now be with peace.  " Read more...

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Get 10% Off on first chat @ Live Person
Get 33% off Maximum discount $50 @ Live Person
Get 25% Off Live Tarot Readings @ Live Person