Oranum.com Website Review & Ratings + Oranum Coupons
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Oranum.com Website Review & Ratings + Oranum Coupons

As someone who has worked as a psychic myself for more than 25 years, it's always interesting to review websites which offer that type of service. I've also deferred to the counseling of some gifted psychics myself when I've needed some objective insight, so this category is one with which I am well-versed. Oranum is unique in a number of ways compared to similar sites; it offers the option of webcam chatting with the psychic of your choice so you get more of a face to face feeling, or simply typing in your questions and comments then viewing and listening to the psychic's responses during the course of your reading. Categories of expertise encompass not only psychics, but also healers, tarot masters, astrologers, clairvoyants and others. These practitioners hail from around the globe, and are put through what's described as a pretty intensive testing process to validate their prowess, prior to being brought onboard with Oranum .

Oranum: What makes it different?

Another uncommon aspect Oranum offers is unlimited FREE chat to members, prior to booking a paid private consultation. During this free chat, members can describe their issue(s) in detail to the practioner/psychic they're contemplating using; then should they feel comfortable and confident with that person's abilities after so doing, then they may choose to go ahead and schedule a paid session. This is actually a rarity with these types of websites; most want your money right up front without allowing you to gain a sense of what the psychic might truly be able to help you with, or what their specialty and personality are like. So this feature places them a cut above the typical psychic website.

Oranum vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Oranum)

Here's a look at some of the competition. Keen.com is currently one of the largest online psychic networks, boasting an extensive roster of psychics and astrologers, available around the clock. They do offer up to a 3 minute free reading (NOTE: This is a one-time free offer from Keen, only available to NEW members - as opposed to Oranum's unlimited free chat), and their consultation formats include phone, chat or email. They have tarot readers, both spiritualist and spiritual advisors, love & relationship specialists, pet communicators, dream interpreters, mediums and others who fit into the more general categories of psychics and astrologers. Their advisors charge anywhere from $1.99 per minute on up to some rather exorbitant fees (I saw one whose rate is more than $10 per minute). Oranum's rates begin at just .99 cents per minute.  While Keen is huge and very accessible, they receive a pretty mixed bag of feedback from customers about their "experts" not always being experienced, high quality practioners. The general concensus seems to be that there are, indeed, talented psychics who work for them, but that you may have to spend quite a lot of time searching through their ranks before you find one. Like Oranum, they have free daily written Horoscopes you can peruse, and you can actually sign up to receive this by email from Keen, but currently not from Oranum. Oranum, however, goes the extra mile in this area by providing tomorrow's astrological forecast as well as weekly, monthly and yearly options. Keen has a variety of articles and videos posted and archived on various topics of interest to members, as does Oranum. One feature Oranum has which Keen does not is a number of fun interactive Psychic-type Games, such as a Lucky Number Generator, a Crystal Ball and a Palm Reading game. While Keen may be bigger than Oranum, that doesn't necessarily mean better...Oranum offers a money-back guarantee if you're dissatisfied with your reading; Keen only offers you credit toward another reading. Overall, Oranum seems to have a more arduous screening process as to who they allow to work for them, and therefore, a better level of customer satisfaction and testimonials.

PsychicSource.com is another competitor in the field of psychic websites.They claim their screening process is so thorough that less than 5% of the psychics who apply are accepted. That compares strongly to the hoops through which which Oranum makes applicants jump. Customer satisfaction is a high priority with Psychicsource; if you're dissatisfied with your reading, they give it to you free. They offer free email and Instant Readings, and a $1.00 per minute rate to new customers, one-time only. Pricing ranges up to as high as $9.99 per minute. Their staff includes love & relationship experts, tarot readers, astrologers, mediums, dream interpreters and channelers, as well as other categories. They offer a free newsletter, which Oranum does not. PsychicSource also offers free daily and weekly horoscopes, but Oranum still has the edge here with the option of tomorrow's astrological forecast as well as the weekly AND yearly ones. Their readiers are only from the U.S., whereas Oranum has staff in various countries. PsychicSource has an informative page which describes how the process works (as does Oranum) and a very brief history of psychic readings. Unlike Oranum, they offer a Rewards Bonus when you refer a friend, so that's a plus. They have an onsite Bingo game, whereby you can win prizes, which is fun. Oranum does offer many more games which offer various freebie readings on their site, but no reward incentives, so this creates a bit of a tie between the two sites. PsychicSource also offers more incentives, like their Bonus Bucks program. They have a blog, which Oranum does not have. While PsychicSource does have online chat as an alternative to phone, they don't offer the webcam option, which Oranum does. Their psychics' rates can be somewhat pricy - starting out at a normal rate of anywhere between $1.99 per minute on upwards to as much as $9.99. So in this regard, as well as having more psychics consistently available, Oranum has the edge.

Oranum: Pricing & packages

Oranum's pricing structure starts at .99 cents per minute/credit, and after clicking through many of their 68 pages of psychics, the highest rate I found was $5.99 per minute.The average median price is right around $1.99 per minute. This is quite impressive, since I know from personal experience that the readers usually only keep 50 percent and often much less than that of what the psychic sites are charging the customers. And amazingly, there are LOTS of readers on Oranum at the incredibly low .99 cent per minute rate. So as far as prices compared to Keen, PsychicSource, HollywoodPsychics and other well-known competitors, Oranum's exceptionally reasonable.

Oranum: Product images & screenshots
Oranum Coupons
Oranum: Customer reviews & comments

The customer testimonials posted on Oranum consistently use words such as "accurate," "warm," "a blessing," and "caring" when describing their readers. Several testimonials show that members often have several favorite readers here between whom they alternate. So the repeat customer factor is obviously high, and the satisfaction level seems commensurate with that.The personalized "full attention" factor that comes with their unique offering of webcam interfacing during readings is very popular among their users, and gives them a more personally connected feeling while receiving their session. All in all, this website comes across as having a high level of integrity and even their mission statement is simple and admirable - "To help people." From the high praise and rave reviews their customers give them, it's a safe bet that they're fulfilling that mission.

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Comments (3)

I like it very much , thanks very much for your article . Class 1 . ID 379037

i\'ve had readings with bennettandhutson and found them to be great!!  Also psychic kathy (bit expensive) and seeing forwarsd were really good and spot on. some others were not so good or came across as rude and indifferent. so you have to choose carefully who you spend your money with.. thanks for the reviews of other sites. i have also seen www.spiritum.com recently which was good. i also didnt like keene so much..

i have had readings with oranum psychics. some tried to sell me spells and told me i had problems that needed healing or extra time. Stay away from munum. idiot with bad karma. be sucked in at your peril

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