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Psychics Live is the place to go to receive a genuine, cam-to-cam, live psychic reading.  Connect on a personal level with each psychic while getting to know them in their free chat room, then engage in a private session in the comfort of your own home. Live experts can be seen as well as heard, and the client can choose whether or not they want to be seen on camera or interact via chat. The ultimate connection occurs when you meet face to face with your spiritual advisor in a true, live reading. 

Psychics use various tools and psychic abilities to help guide their clients to discover answers to life questions about love, career, romance and more.  Psychics Live showcases over 80 talented, prescreened psychics who are experts in 

Many psychics have numerous abilities and offer various types of readings and spiritual services.  Select a psychic that can help you with what you need most. 

Psychics Live: What makes it different?

The most intriguing aspect of Psychics Live is that each psychic who is online can be seen via webcam.  When a visitor is interested in a particular spiritualist, they are able to enter a free chat room and interact with the live expert to learn more about their style, readings, beliefs, or to just chat about an interesting topic. There is also a forum where users can spark discussions or ask questions.  There is a great feeling of open communication on this site, which helps maintain a welcoming and friendly environment.

Psychics Live offers complete webcam readings. Not only can the client see and hear the psychic during a private session, but customers can also interact directly with the psychic in a full cam-to-cam, psychic reading experience.  When a private session is over, a recording of the live reading is emailed to the client for review.  This is a wonderful way to maximize the user experience and to ensure a quality reading every time.

Psychics Live vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Psychics Live)

The psychic reading industry is a large and vibrant business ranging from in-person readings in an actual storefront, to telephone readings and now psychic chat and webcam readings.  The internet is full of websites claiming to offer this type of service.  

Psychics Live is among many top, webcam based, live psychic reading sites.  Competitors such as Universal Psychic Guild and Psychic Source offer access to prescreened, qualified psychics at various price ranges.  Psychic Source offers live telephone and live chat readings, while Universal Psychic Guild offers private webcam readings and email readings.  Both of these sites also provide daily horoscopes and free tarot and instant reading options, which Psychics Live does not.

The downside of this type of service is whether or not someone will be available when you need it.  Since psychics set their own rates and hours, it is not guaranteed that someone will be available when you want or need it most.  Psychics Live lists the schedules of all participating psychics and visitors can easily email the person they are interested in to schedule an appointment if they are offline. Universal Psychic Guild offers an email reading option if there are no live psychics available and Psychic Source refers it's clients to their 24-hour telephone reading service when no one is available for live chat.

Psychics Live: Pricing & packages

The price range of Psychics Live is competitive and affordable.  The format is simple to understand and easy to navigate.            

The cost of a private reading is based on credits.  Private sessions range from 20 credits per minute up to 60 credits per minute. Customers buy credits before entering a private session, so no unexpected charges are incurred.  When the credits run out, the session ends. However, the user is given the option of purchasing more credits before the session expires, in order to continue without interruption.

The cost for credits is 250 credits for $27.99, 500 Credits for $49.99, 1,000 Credits for $99.99, 1,500 Credits for $149.99 and 2,500 Credits for $249.99.  

Each customer receives 100 free credits, when registering with a credit card.  If you are interested in a reading right away, be prepared to buy credits at the time of registration, since credits can be purchased when redeeming the 100 free credits at the rate of 300 Credits + 100 Free Credits for $29.99 or 600 Credits + 100 Free Credits for $59.99.  

If credits are not purchased at the time of registration, users can still apply their 100 credits towards a free psychic reading with no further obligation.

Psychics Live: Product images & screenshots
Psychics Live Coupons
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Psychics Live: Customer reviews & comments

Psychics Live is full of positive reviews.  Satisfied customers are raving about the selection of talented psychics on this site.  Reviews claiming accuracy, value, and spiritual connection are frequent throughout the many available consultants on this site.  

StarDeeJanuary 25, 2012
 She is Amazing!!! When i get more credits im coming back, , , she's talented! She's smart! she told me everything i needed to know and it all made sense love her :)  Review for Spirit Vision
January 30, 2012
Howard was spot on. Didn't reveal anything about myself or situation. Howard did a great job of providing me with the answer's I needed. Thanks Howard. Review for Howard the Psychic
December 27, 2011
Valerie Moon is full of insight. She will not waste your money or time. Review for Valerie Moon
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Get Free Psychic Reading @ Psychics Live
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